10 Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair – Easy Updos for Women

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Updo hairstyle is quite excellent for women with thin and fine textured hair. The hairstyle is ideal for women with thin straight hair and great for a formal situation. The updo looks excellent and perfect on women with short or medium length hair. If you bear wavy hair, you can make it straight with a flat iron. Then side part your hair, and create a French bun look. Then accessorize a jeweled pin.

Messy romantic updo looks special and full of volume. To style such a hairdo, brush you hair and scoop the whole hair back, and tie into a simple bun with a hair band. Then pull out small hair locks from the sides and close to the nape. You can also enhance the up-style with some hair accessories. Some dangling earrings can make the style more attractive.

Bobby Pinned updo for Short Hair

Gorgeous Short Updo Hairstyles

Luscious Messy Updo for Short Hair

Short Hair Up Styles 2014

Casual Updos for Short Hair

Weeding Updo Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short Hair Updos for Braids

Slicked-Back Updos

Blonde Updo for Short Hair

Summer Updo for Short Hair- Formal

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